Services Under the GSA Schedule

CyraCom holds a GSA Scheduled Contract (GS-10F-009BA) which includes interpretation, translation, and testing services under the following SIN codes:

SIN 382-1-- Translation Services/ Recovery 382-1RC

CyraCom offers a secure online translation solution, designed to protect data from submission to delivery. We believe that a solution hosted in the United States where no data leaves the platform ensures higher levels of data security, better adherence to federal laws and regulations, and reduced liability for privacy and security concerns.

SIN 382-2—Interpretation Services/ Recovery 382-2RC

Experience secure telephonic and video interpretation with CyraCom. Agencies may value CyraCom’s onshore, US operations. We operate the most extensive network of secure, large-scale interpreter contact centers. The secure intrepreter contact centers are PCI & HIPAA compliant.

SIN 382-3—Training * Educational Materials Recovery 382-3RC

Federal agencies may have staff interpreters or bilingual staff. CyraCom provides testing to help demonstrate federal employee’s qualifications as linguists or interpreters.

SIN 382-5—Services for the Visual and Hearing Impaired 382-5RC

This includes American Sign Language interpretation. Both on-site and secure, encrypted video interpretation are available.

CyraCom focuses on secure solutions in the continental United States to support federal security and compliance requirements.
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Past Performance

Successful federal contracts have or currently include contracts with many agencies, including –

Department of State
Department of Defense
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Department of Education
Customs & Border Protection
Immigration & Customs Enfocement


National Institutes of Health

High-Quality Translation with a Short Turnaround Time for a Federal Agency

A large federal Agency required translation materials in preparation for a significant weather event in 2016. CyraCom’s fast response made it possible for this agency to release proper information to the LEP population in 14 different languages in advance of the severe weather that caused the evacuation of more than 2 million people. Two days before the Agency issued a major disaster declaration, CyraCom was activated as a contractor. In that time, CyraCom delivered on a number of translation tasks with short turnaround times – in multiple languages and ADA-compliant formats*. In many cases, the Agency’s requests were submitted late in the evening and delivered ahead of schedule in the morning of the next day.

*Americans with Disabilities Act

Federal Agency Relays Positive Experiences with CyraCom Interpreters

CyraCom began serving this large Federal Agency in January of 2013, providing, unscheduled, real time over the phone interpretive services to support more than 400,000 employees in over 60 district offices. Agency staff have reported that CyraCom’s calm, experienced interpreters speaking in their native language help calm agitated callers. In 2016, CyraCom rapidly connected Agency staff with Spanish interpreters, handling peak volumes of calls as high as 20,000 per month. Over the lifetime of the contract, CyraCom received all contract extensions, worked closely with Agency staff to enhance services and received numerous commendations. Between 2014 and 2016, CyraCom received 135 documented commendations for this contract and only 5 complaints. Below are two examples of commendations from the Agency:

“I [would] like to commend one of your interpreters. I think he is the most qualified interpreter I’ve ever had. We had a very difficult and complicated call involving a Puerto Rican customer. He handled the call in detail and beautifully. Did very well. He should be used as a guide for perfect and excellent interpretation.”

“We had a difficult customer but your interpreter handled it perfectly. The client was frustrated and upset however, your interpreter was very professional and calm, she repeated everything and controlled the situation she made my life easier. She was fantastic and accurate throughout the call.”


Phone & Video Interpretation

Phone interpretation is a three-way conference call between CyraCom’s highly-skilled interpreter, an English-speaking representative of the client, and that client’s non-English speaking customer. We bill by the minute, operate 24/7, and support hundreds of languages.

Video interpretation is the video chat equivalent of phone interpretation. Our video interpretation provides more than 25 popular languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). 

Translation & Localization

CyraCom provides timely, professional translation services in hundreds of languages. Our translation services operate under two International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications: Quality Management Systems (9001:2015) and Translation Services (17100:2015). Charges for these services are per-word or per-document.

On-Site Interpretation

Also called “in person” or “face to face” interpreting. This modality requires the interpreter to be physically present. It is billed by the hour and may sometimes have a minimum of one or two hours. We coordinate and manage on-site interpretation programs for clients.

Language Assessment & Interpreter Training

CyraCom tests new or existing bilingual staff members for clients. Language proficiency tests assess English and target language skills. Interpreter skills tests measure a staff interpreter’s skill level. CyraCom also offers interpreter skills training classes for client employees, leveraging our significant experience in interpreter.

Secure Offerings, US-Based Operations

CyraCom's employee interpreters, who work in the most extensive network of secure, HIPAA‐compliant, large‐scale interpreter contact centers, handle nearly 90% of interpretation call volume. CyraCom utilizes independent contractor interpreters primarily to support infrequently requested languages. Because the nearly 30 languages supported in CyraCom's contact centers represent most requests, some clients have opted to use center‐based interpreters only.

In order to ensure that independent contractors properly handle confidential information, the Company requires that candidates complete compliance modules that cover topics ranging from information security to HIPAA compliance as part of the hiring process. Contractors must complete these modules on an annual basis.

CyraCom offers a secure online translation solution, designed to protect data from submission to delivery. We believe that a solution hosted in the United States where no data leaves the platform ensures higher levels of data security, better adherence to federal laws and regulations, and reduced liability for privacy and security concerns.